Real Results!

“As a teenager I had severe acne. I went to numerous dermatologists who were able to mitigate the break outs, however the scars were left. I met Susanne about 3 years ago and my life has changed. I had those scars from my youth, very large pores and hyper-pigmentation. I was unhappy with my skin from my past and had a lot of fear of how my skin would age. Susanne did a full assessment of my skin, my lifestyle, my budget and started working with me. Less than 3 years later, my pores are much smaller, the hyper-pigmentation is virtually gone and my skin is aging without severe wrinkles or sagging. I see Susanne every 6 weeks for treatment. I also follow her advice on homecare. It is my belief that the 2 must go together. I would not have the skin I have today if I didn’t see Susanne and also stick to my homecare regiment. I equate it to like going to the dentist but then not brushing my teeth.“

“I love the way my skin looks today and it has allowed me to be more confident in my life. I trust Susanne and respect her expertise immensely.”

Carolyn Allen
Washington, D.C.