As a results-oriented aesthetician, I focus on nourishing the skin from the outside in and the inside out. My treatment process incorporates a balanced approach to regular skin treatments, effective home care, healthy food and nutrition, proper hydration, exercise and rest for the mind, body and spirit.

My goal is to design a skin care regimen that works for you, tailored to your specific needs, lifestyle and interests. I treat the skin with gentle, extremely effective and safe methods that create a bottom-line impact. Clients experience an immediate improvement in their skin. Service, simplicity and results are the hallmarks of the work that I do.

~ Susanne Siemonsen, L.E.

S k i n  T h e r a p y also offers on-site Reflexology services with reflexologist Mike Colbert and Meditation with mindfulness coach Paula Carrasquillo.

Skin Therapy | 4405 East West Highway, Suite 509 | Bethesda, MD 20814

202.441.0932 | 

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